Cement particleboard 3200*1200*10 mm

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Area: 3,840 m2
Weight: 48 kg
Property: Moisture resistant

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Cement bonded particle board – CSP

Is made of cement and wood chips, to which a small amount of chemical additives is added for the mineralization of wood chips. The mineralization process allows wood chips to resist biological attack, erosion, and putrefaction.

The structure of the cement bonded particle board is monolithic, which is why it does not separate, and cut edges are not sensitive to any effects.


Environmentally friendly material – with its use, people all over the world build houses and interior partitions in residential facilities and make window sills and countertops.

  • Durable material
  • Firehard material. Group of combustibility B-1
  • The material with excellent insulating properties ensures high sound insulation

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