Plywood Birch Film Faced (F/F) 2500*1250*12 mm

SKU: 00357



Price includes VAT 22%

Area: 3.125 m2
Weight: 24 kg
Property: Waterproof
Surface: (F/F) smooth/smooth


Film faced plywood is a material with particularly good water resistance characteristics. Waterproof glue is used for gluing plywood veneer layers.

Durability and water resistance are added to the material by a special layer of phenolic coating, which covers surface of plywood sheet on both sides.

This coating provides effective protection of the material against moisture and mechanical damage.

Plywood with F/W (anti-slip) mesh surface is used for flooring of trailers and boats, walls in trucks, and horse trailers.


Laminated plywood can be of different surface types:

  • (F/F) smooth surface on both sides
  • (F/W) one side is smooth, the other side has a mesh (anti-slip) coating

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