Plywood Birch Interior (C/C) 1525*1525*4 mm

SKU: 00269



Price includes VAT 22%

Area: 2.325 m2
Weight: 6 kg
Property: Indoor use
Surface: C/C, unsanded


Interior Birch Plywood is a high-quality construction material with an excellent durability and resistance to moisture.

The interior plywood is easy to work with, it goes perfectly well with finish materials. It is water resistant, however it is not recommended to use it for exterior finish.

This material is ideal for interior use.


Plywood grade is marked by face and back veneer quality (face/back):

  • В/ВB (I/II)
  • BB/BB (II/II)
  • BB/CP (II/III)
  • BB/C (II/IV)
  • CP/C (III/IV)
  • C/C (IV/IV)

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